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Before Part 1

  • Shapiro, Francine: EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Basic principles, protocols and procedures*. Guildford Press, 2001. Chapters 1 – 6
  • A review of post-traumatic stress, co-morbid conditions (depression and anxiety) (DSM IV)
  • The NICE recommendations for the treatment of PTSD summary (

Before Part 2

  • Shapiro, Francine: As above. Chapters 7, 8 & 10
  • Self review common phobias, and the role of avoidance

Before Part 3

  • Shapiro, Francine: As above p 221 (Protocols and Procedures for special situations, including sexual abuse victims, p 290)
  • Shapiro, Francine: As above p 441-445 (A general guide to the use of EMDR in dissociative disorders)
  • Review dissociation and complex trauma

Before Part 4

  • Review all previously learnt material
  • Familiarise yourself with other protocols than the standard protocol

Supervision and Practice Requirements

After Part 1

  • Practice the full protocol at least twice, preferably on a client, alternatively on a colleague in a role play.
  • Present at least one session at the Part 2 training, using the supervision form on the website (this may be an incomplete session or a role play). Supervision will take place in small groups.
  • Utilise either a peer supervisor, an EMDR accredited practitioner or consultant.

After Part 2

  • Complete one case from assessment to closure and present at Part 3 training, using the supervision template form.

After Part 3

  • It is recommended that you work towards accreditation as an EMDR practitioner with EMDR UK & Ireland and EMDR Europe and receive ongoing supervision.

After Part 4

  • Work towards accreditation as an EMDR Europe accredited practitioner.

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