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emdr-associationEMDR Extra has been offering highly interactive, trainee-centred, innovative, small group trainings since 2002. The training is accredited by EMDR Europe and is highly regarded amongst clinicians. It evolved when EMDR came of age in Britain and some British and European trainers took the initiative to disengage from the American EMDR Institute, EMDRIA, and the use of American trainers in British trainings. This has led to a lively and dynamic European EMDR Association with more than 20 constituent member countries.

Our trainers and facilitators are experienced clinicians
from varied backgrounds:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Child, adolescent and maternal health
  • Combat stress
  • Counselling and Nursing
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy

The most experienced member of the team (Dr Manda Holmshaw) has published extensively on EMDR and was trained by Dr Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR. The training still adheres to Shapiro’s principles.

The training coordinator, Nicki Simons, and her team are knowledgeable, professional and always ready to help. Nicki also liaises with Moving Minds’ our sister company’s clinicians nationally when they express the wish to take on referrals from Moving Minds, an experienced psychological rehabilitation company.

EMDR Training: The Content

  • A comprehensive three-part, seven-day training in the theory and practice of EMDR, accredited by EMDR Europe
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), the consequences of adverse life events, current anxieties, phobias, chronic pain and phantom limb pain, complex grief and complex trauma and dissociation, childhood abuse and work with children and adolescents. Emerging work in using EMDR with chronic depression, OCD, eating disorders, eaning difficulties, generalised anxiety disorder and many other difficulties also promises successful outcomes, worldwide.
  • Using EMDR as an integrative therapy alongside existing clinical skills
  • EMDR as a free-standing therapy for short term focused interventions or part of longer-term psychotherapy
  • Intensive clinical supervision & a review of personal progress

After completion of all three parts of the training, you become eligible to work towards accreditation with EMDR UK and Ireland Organisation, already having accumulated 10 hours of supervision. Accreditation can take place, if all the requirements are fullfilled, one year after completing the course.

Our trainings are informative and enjoyable, so much so that attendees often keep in touch with us and each other after completing their training.

Attending one of our trainings also allows you to attend regular Moving Minds Trainings on Hands-on Clinical Topics at a discounted rate (

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