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Moving Minds: Careers

EMDR Workshops is an independent training provider accredited by EMDR Europe and EMDR UK and Ireland. We cannot provide participants with clients, however, if you are interested in undertaking private work as an EMDR therapist, then, on completion of your three-part training, you may be eligible to work with Moving Minds and become one of their specialists.

Moving Minds is a national organisation providing assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from psychological or mental health problems including post-traumatic stress disorders and trauma-related conditions such as travel and other phobias.

A Moving Minds specialist is typically an experienced mental health professional with a basic qualification in psychology, psychological therapies or psychiatry, which enables them to register with a professional body such as the British Psychological Society or the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists. He/she will have completed all three parts of the EMDR training. Additionally the specialist will be experienced in working with trauma and its repercussions.

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