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International Women’s day 2019

March 8, 2019

It is 43 years since the start of International Women’s Year.  One year later in 1976, 8th March was established as International Women’s Day.

As established providers of mental health wellbeing, treatment of mental ill health, as well as trainers of other professionals in psychological therapies in the UK, Moving Minds and EMDR Extra are aware that there are many more women in the helping professions than ever before.  We also know that women assisted all of us when we struggle with mental ill health including depression, anxiety and problems caused by being traumatised in childhood or as adults. The achieved this by having the courage to speak out and search for help. That in turn benefitted people from all genders with similar problems to feel that it is acceptable and normal to ask and receive assistance:  it does not imply weakness or inferiority.

It is 30 years since a farsighted and intellectually creative woman, Francine Shapiro, discovered the power of bilateral eye movements on changing the perceptions and emotional pain following long term childhood abuse and neglect, as well as trauma in adolescents and adults. Many years of research from men and women and therapeutic practice all over the world has established EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as a psychological therapy that effectively helps people all over the world to process their traumatic experiences and being free of their distress.

Let us all not only think about what women have achieved, but also how we can all work together for everybody’s wellbeing.


Manda Holmshaw

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Trainer

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